Now with the introduction of the Afternoon Socials - not only for Kizomba but also for Salsa/Bachata - we can offer you party and social dancing from 4 pm until 7 am. 15 hours of non-stop dancing, if you dare ! The Afternoon Socials were very well attended in 2016 and certainly one of the highlights of the event. To make sure you will be dancing without a break we hired some of the best DJ´s in our industry. Check out the DJ schedule which we will publish well ahead of the event. The Afternoon Socials are included in the VIP Full Pass and in the SOCIAL Party Pass, but NOT in the Party Pass. The Afternoon Socials can not be purchased as single items.

KiZZlounge - Tempodrom, Small Arena

​SalsaMania - Tempodrom, Foyer


We truly believe that the DJs are the key for a great and memorable party and we select them very carefully. No DJ touches our decks before we have heard her/him playing live somewhere. And this policy pays off - in hurting feet after nights of non-stop dancing !


Friday, Saturday & Sunday we have different dancefloors Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba/Semba. In the main room we offer you 1000sqm of dancefloor for Salsa & ChaChaCha (and once in a while maybe a Bachata). In the Small Arena you can dance from afternoon to the morning without a break Kizomba & Semba on 400 sqm. And in the Foyer you have an exclusive Bachata Floor from midnight until we close the main room.

In order to give you more time for Social Dancing and to cater those flying in late we will have on Friday only a very short block of shows (max 6 shows, no seating). This means Social Dancing from 9PM until 6AM almost without a break and it also allows us to keep the lower tiers in and offer you even more space for dancing !

Dancefloor 1 - Tempodrom, Big Arena - Salsa & ChaChaChá (bit of Bachata)

Dancefloor 2 - Tempodrom, Small Arena - Kizomba & Semba 

Dancefloor 3 - Tempodrom, Foyer - Afternoon & Afterparty mixed floor, at night Bachata

For detailled times & schedules check the program.

​Prices for single party tickets (at the door only): Friday 35 € / Saturday 40 € / Sunday 20 €

Here at Berlin Salsacongress 2017 we offer you a multitud of chances and options to dance your shoes off with some of the best dancers from all over the world. At Berlin Salsacongress 2017 you will find the best level of social dancing in Europe, part of it due to the high ratio of international dancers at our event, but also because we gather hundreds of performers in the Stargate and Main shows, which - as you may expect - are then at night found on the dancefloors. And you surely will not want to leave the dancefloor until we close the party as we take pride in saying that we bring together the best DJs in Europe. Don´t believe us ? CHECK OUT THE DJ LINE UP BY SCROLLING DOWN.


Here at Berlin Salsacongress we noticed that in our industry female DJ´s are fairly underrepresented and we decided that we need to change that and set once again the bar higher for our community. We have hired by now 10 amazing female DJ´s in our line up, which is more than in ANY other event in our industry worldwide. They will keep you dancing all night long, check it out.

The warming up for a long weekend. 

DJs: Sezar

Location: t.b.a.

​Entrance fee: t.b.a.


KiZZ Lounge & Salsa maNIA - our afternoon socials !!!

Meeting your friends. Ready for the weekend ? 

DJs: Willy, Sezar, Babacar, Andrew, Katrin

Location: Tempodrom, Small Arena

​Entrance fee: t.b.a.

Meet the HEROES OF THE DANCE FLOOR at Berlin Salsacongress 2017! They are the craziest social dancers we could find. They never stop dancing. Because they love to dance. 

Here at Berlin Salsacongress we already believe for years that the social dancing part is getting more importance every year. Now for 2017 we made sure that some of the best, craziest and most innovative dancers will be at Berlin Salsacongress 2017! Together with an amazing line up of some of the best & most popular DJ's they will be burning the dance floor all night long.