music - we care! our dj´s meet the dancers

After a really good success at Berlin Salsacongress 2016, we decided to continue the discussion in 2017. Let´s admit it, as dancers we ALWAYS complain about the music of the DJ´s. Lately we saw dancers blaming the DJ´s for not dancing. So here is the chance for everybody to TALK about it - face to face. Talking however doesn´t mean complaining or accusing. We felt that there is a need to express from side of the dancers what we really want. And also from the side of the DJ´s what it is to be a DJ, what is there mission and how do they try to accomplish their mission. Hopefully at the end we want everybody to walk out of the room and have a better understanding of what the others want. To make sure we come to an understanding we will have DJ Shems (Tunisia) which is also a passionate Social Dancer to moderate the discussion. Join us for this opportunity to bring forward our community.

​Location & time: Friday, 6.10.2017 at 6.00 PM in Tempodrom, Seminar II

We need to talk

gentleman´s secret - the reinvention of the modern gentleman

For the past two years we had the Comedy Club in our night show program, and you guys loved this format. Now we will bring this into the afternoon and offer you a chance to laugh and be entertained by two of the most funny people in our community: Leon Rose & Luis Vazquez ! Take your chance and check them out when they will rock the Small Arena on Saturday afternoon and make you laugh until you cry. Entertainment pure, laughing guaranteed. However - if you are easily offended, you might want to stay away from this !

Location & time: Saturday, 7.10.2017 at 4.00 PM in Tempodrom, Small Arena

THE UPGRADE AND REINVENTION OF THE MODERN GENTLEMAN - seminar and open discussion by Flairs of Dandy. EXCLUSIVELY at the Berlin Salsacongress 2017! Certainly one of the matters which is relevant for our community, for Ladies & Gentleman, a matter which always will spark heated discussions. We believe it is always good to talk, to discuss, to learn and to improve. Join us for this seminar. This seminar is open for Ladies AND Gentleman. Share your voice with us!

​More detailed info at 

​Location & time: Sunday, 8.10.2017 at 12.30 PM in Tempodrom, Seminar II

The comedy club - Stand up comedy with leon rose & luis vazquez

coffee lounge "offline" hosted by olu olu

The COFFEE LOUNGE is based on a very popular discussion panel Olu Olu is iniciating every Friday on facebook integrating many times a lot of people in the discussion of a popular topic related to our passion: dance and everything related to it ! In 2014 we brought this format for the first time offline and since then it has been copied many times. You will be able to discuss live with Olu Olu and his featured guests in total three topics.

We will dedicate 30 minutes to discuss each topic with views sought from the floor. We will get the audience, we will get you, involved. Every now and then a show of hands to see what the general opinion is with the topic discussed. The moderator will then summarize and bring discussion to a close.

​Location & time: Saturday, 7.10.2017 at 1.00 PM in Tempodrom, Seminar II