Please note that the rehearsals for the Stargate Shows take place for BOTH days on Friday evening  from 7PM - 9PM, so you need to be here by that time.

Still hesitating !? Have a look at how Stargate Shows at Berlin Salsacongress do look alike.

Member of the Stargate Champions League - your additional chance to win 1500€.

And to become European Stargate Champion. All winners of the Stargate in the different participating events will go to the finals which will take place in 2017 at the El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival in Warsaw in November. There they will compete with all other Stargate winners for the title and the cash prize. Stargate Winner teams will receive a party pass for free for Euro Festival Düsseldorf and are entitled to upgrade to a Full Pass for a small amount. 


One of those awards could be yours !

The Stargate Program gives student teams the opportunity to show their talent to a wide international audience and make the first step up on the way to the stars. In the past years those shows have been outstanding by atmosphere and level of shows. They take place on Saturday & Sunday afternoon in the lunchbreak from 2.50 - 3.50 pm in the Small Arena.​

The team who gets the most applause by the audience will perform the same night on our main stage !


Stargate Application

If you and your team is interested to perform in the Stargate Shows, then apply today and fill in the form here on the right with details about your team. The Performers Pass for the performers in the Stargate Shows is 80 € per person and needs to be paid in between 7 days after the registration of your team. If you didn´t pay in due time we will give your spot to the next team - only teams who paid have a confirmed spot. We take the teams in the order of the application AND payment. Every team needs to be available for EITHER day. 

​Please note that we do not accept solo shows for the Stargate program - you need to dance at least as a couple. Note also that for 2016 the Stargate Shows were completed by March and for 2017 we expect completition around the same time. So if you are interested do not wait until we are completed.

We certainly put a lot of effort and resources in producing a show program like no other in our community. Our goal is to entertain you on a highly professional level and present you the shows from some of the best artists around the world in a unique and outstanding way. Check out one of the highlights from Berlin Salsacongress 2016, "Roxanne" perfomed by the Choreography Bootcamp led by Terry & Cecile in the video here next.

​In 2017 the theme for the show nights will be "Sin City. New: on Friday Night we will have only a very short block of shows with maximum 6 shows and no seating in order to give even more time for social dancing. On Saturday & Sunday we will offer you an amazing show program in blocks similar as we did in 2016 on Saturday night.